The People WE Seek

Who is it for? 

Practitioners with Purpose: Weekend Artists 

Those people who read about the future on the weekend, but are less interested in bringing that into their day to day work. This group might include creatives, in less senior roles, within a larger company. Designers, copy– writers et al.

Daily note, and Monthly Salons: Everything Will Happen

Leaders: Moonlighting Artists 

Active readers, who think of these topics after–hours and would love to engage their workplace and clients in this type of liminal thinking. This segment is likely to work within companies too, but might be more senior

League of Qualitative Complexity

Liminal Leaders and Change Agents: Daytime Artists 

Those who practice and get paid to bring such ideas to work environments and commercial landscape. CEO’s, artists, innovation consultants, authors, speakers. This group is likely to be self employed or senior leadership in a company.

The people I look for! These are the people I would love to work with. If that is you please get in touch for a chat (even if you don’t have a project yet)

Future-of is Nitzan Hermon, & collaborators

Nitzan is a designer, writer and strategist with interest in machine learning, liminal thinking and complexity science.

Nitzan’s homepage
TEDx Talk 


  • ARB Major Seed Grant (McMaster University) Language Architecture as a Model of Human-centered Artificial Intelligences

  • IEEE P7010 - Wellbeing Metrics Standard for Ethical Artificial Intelligence and Autonomous Systems

  • IEEE P7000 - Model Process for Addressing Ethical Concerns During System Design




Santa Fe Institute
Thinking Allowed


Gillian Tett
Julia Kaganskiy
Tom Morton

In Typgorpahy

Herb Lubalin
Jan Tschichold


Argossy, NYC


Theo Van Doesburg
Josef Albers
Rafaël Rozendaal





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