Reports of Future-of


Bring together applied experts and leaders to better understand challenges and opportunities in an uncertain future. Expert analysis on the big innovation and leadership challenges ahead.

The Model:
Each quarterly report will tackle one big question (~ 15–20 pages). Members will pre-order the report, in exchange for context.

The opportunity:
  • Metrics
    • abundance of quantitive data, not enough qualitative conclusions
    • Thoughtful (and brand aware) negotiation between quant and qual
  • Insights
    • noise in the insights space, not enough context
    • self serving reports: research backs into a known conclusion
  • Stakes are higher than ever before
    • leaders make decisions for an increasingly unknown future

Previous experience:

TATA Communication
AI, Augmentation, Intellectual Diversity and The Future of Work In collaboration with Ken Goldberg (UC Berkley), Dialogue and Gershoni

  • Writing
  • recruitment and facilitation of 2 think tanks
  • ethnography and insights

Sample Topics

Traveling meaning
Antonio Cesare Iadarola, Ph.D

How does our deeper understanding of identity and intersectionality change our flow of product localization, and introduction of meaning (campaign, language, ideas) to a new market?

Lossful Communication
Ivona Kučerová, Ph.D

How does the lack of threading (short and long term memory) hinder our ability to deliver human–first applications of natural language processing to consumer systems?

Bottom–up Workplace Culture 
Barry Dornfeld , Ph.D

What does a more aware and engaged workforce mean for the aggregate culture of a company, its ability to innovate and execute, the role of its leader, and the brand that brings them together?

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