Reports of Future-of

Bring together applied experts and conveners to better understand challenges and opportunities in an uncertain future.

Expert analysis on the big innovation and leadership challenges ahead.
By bringing together academics and senior consultants we are able to effectively flesh out complex and thorny themes into actionable mental models – immediately calling out those who need to sit at the table, and the first item on their agenda.

The Model:

Each quarterly report will tackle one big question (~ 20-30 pages). Members will pre-order the report, in exchange for context, and an opportunity to join the network.

What is this for?

  • Heads of labs, R&D environments
  • Innovation, trend and forecasting writers

Themes and Focus:

Stagnation: if a profession is not moving fast enough individual practitioners will remix it to survive in the workplace, this makes managing that function very difficult, we could tackle such scenario by creating a dialogue between overlapping functions

Emergence: What IP is most needed to better enable change makers? knowledge and wisdom is flowing in all directions (and not only top down), is there a systematic opportunity to create value which is being slowed down by the organization?

Communication: intuition is easy to act on, but hard to explain. In an increasingly remote work culture, what tools and knowledge is missing in order to communicate and model intuition to better set an international organization for success?

Qualitative: in order to move data up the value chain to information, knowledge and wisdom we need to account for everything that happens around the transactional numbers. Brand equity, customer loyalty, peer to peer behavior and more. There are techniques to measure such qualitative phenomenon and human behavior which will touch on as part of this offering.

Ambiguity: original in the field of finance and security, decision making under ambiguity is incredibly valuable for leaders who–once given endless sheets of data–still need to make a decision by scratching their head.

Writing and prioritization of question will be done in communication with the network

Sample Topic

Bottom–up Workplace Culture 
with Barry Dornfeld , Ph.D

What does a more aware and engaged workforce mean for the aggregate culture of a company, its ability to innovate and execute, the role of its leader, and the brand that brings them together?

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Previous experience:

Writing large industry reports and facilitating leadership gatherings (think tanks).
Latest example is the report on AI and Future of Work for Vinod Anand Kumar (TATA Communications’ CEO download link), as well as work for Cartier Innovation Team (globally and locally).

To the point of ambiguity and communication above samples of client workshops can be found here.


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